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About us

Statera (lat. statera – balance) is a body shape and weight loss studio which was based on 2 passions – for fitness and medicine.

As a mother of 3, owner’s main idea was to help women reshape their postpartum bodies.

Statera’s program was carefully designed based on individual approach that will assist you to get in shape faster and easier.

We are here to support you if there is a lack of willpower.

We will motivate you to reach your goals.

Find your balance and love yourself again!

Why Statera?

Acupuncture, fitness and nutrition programs as a full care of your body and spirit in one place. Acupuncture is an important link in the weight loss program, and not a magic stick as some may think.

Fitness is necessary to change the body, shape the muscles, tighten the skin. It was created according to a specific program, adapted to each group depending on their current shape.

The doctor will tailor made a diet, to meet your needs.
Meditation is a key component of this program.
Finding a balance in meditating is of utmost importance for future progress.

If you are ready to make a change in your life and start over – Get out of the rut and achieve your goals with us!

We are here to cheer on you!
From baby steps to big milestones!